iDidaContest Location

Join us for the annual ASTE Conference, held again this year at The Hotel Captain Cook. We will be under one roof, simplifying networking, conference accessibility, and your enjoyment of Anchorage's wonderful winter weather!

Contest Dates

ASTE begins accepting entries at the start of the school year in September. The deadline for entry is January 31st.

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Registration for Minors

Alaska minors will need a sponsor to register for the contest

Youth (ages 4 through 18) can register on the iDidaContest website, however, they must have an active ASTE member sponsor them. Sponsor information is asked during the registration process for youth including first name, last name, school, and email address.

Students do not need an email address to register for the iDidaContest.

Students must upload their contest entries using their own account and not that of their sponsors.


Sponsors must be 18+ years of age and an active ASTE member.

To act as a sponsor to minors for the iDidaContest you must be an active ASTE member. When a minor registers with you as a sponsor they will need your first name, last name, school, and email address. Sponsors will receive an email when a minor registers as you as their sponsor and also when they upload, edit, or delete a contest entry with their own account. Sponsors will also be contacted with an email providing all feedback at the close of the contest.

To be an active ASTE member you attended last year's conference or who will be attending this year.

Sponsors are not to upload entries on behalf of a minor.

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I see you've added standards back into the rubric. Will I loose points if I don't address this?

Yes, we want the contest to not only to be fun, but a valuable lesson for students. So if there are no attempts on addressing the standards you will loose points.

I'm interested in helping judge, but I don't want to affect my students submissions. What should I do?

First of all contact and let him know you are interested. John can put you in a different contest or age category than your students. We love having many good judges.

Do all the photos need to be taken in Alaska?

Since this is an Alaskan contest one would assume that they were taken in Alaska. However, since some of our contests have additional categories outside of "Alaska Life" it is conceivable some photos may be taken outside Alaska.

Do all the photos need to have been taken within the last year?

It is our expectation that all photos were taken within the last 12 months.

Can several photos be made into a composite (into one photo)?

Only if the photos are entered into the digitally enhanced portion of our contest.

Does ASTE give anyone else permission to view my entries?

Yes. Many winning entries are posted on the iDidaContest website for others to view. In addition, we reserve the right to share them with other educational groups to help promote educational endeavors. ASTE will not sell iDidaContest entries for financial gain.

Can an ASTE member sponsor more than one student?

Yes, and sponsors do not even have to reside in the same school. Our goal is not to limit a student's creativity because of membership, but rather give students every opportunity to be a winner.

Are rubrics available so we can see how our entries will be judged?

Yes. You can download a rubric for each contest in the about page.

I am concerned about how the oldest person on the team sets the age bracket for an entry. What about SPED students?

In the upload form is a new field that allows an explanation to ben entered about a student's work. With the information provided judges to determine if the assistance offered can be allowed.

Who will be judging my student's work?

Over the past few years ASTE has recruited over 40 teachers in all context areas and grade levels to judge the various contests. We've provided judge with training on how to use our system and rubrics to standardize responses. Our goal is to have each entry judged by at least 2 judges. With our online system teachers can do this from the comfort of their own home or classroom. Following this judging, the top scores are brought before a live panel of ASTE board members who validate each winner and make the final determination.

Can I register for the iDidaContest and upload my student's movies, tunes, podcasts, and photos for them?

No. However, you can act as a sponsor for your students and assist them with the registration process. By acting as their sponsor you will be notified every time your students upload, edit, or delete on of their entries. You will also receive notice if your student wins and feedback from the judges at the conclusion of the contest.

If my students (or myself) can't make it to the awards night can we still participate some how?

Yes. If you know someone attending have them set up a Skype or Facetime video call to you.

When is the contest deadline?

The contest deadline is January 31st @ 12:00 mid-night for all contests.

My membership was good last year but I won't be able to come to ASTE this year. Can I still be a sponsor?

Yes. We will allow you to sponsor your students until the end of this year's contest.

I've lost my username and/or password. How can I retrieve that information?

The iDidaContest website has a "forgot password" feature that is tied to your e-mail address. Simply visit the log-in page, enter your e-mail address, and ASTE will send you your log-in details.

I've noticed there are only three spaces to upload our videos and no place to enter my student names. Am I missing something?

The iDidaContest registration system is designed to accept registrations for individuals. Students may work on videos, music, podcasts, or take photographs together, but only one member of that group need register with ASTE and upload the media. If that same entry wins, ASTE will contact the individual who has uploaded the media for additional details.

Can I email in my entry like in previous years?

ASTE will not accept any iDidaContest entries via email and/or through the postal service.

What formats are accepted for movies, podcasts, music, and photographs?

The ASTE server has a finite storage space, so limits have been placed on file size and formats:

  • iDidaMovie (uploaded to
  • iDidaTunes (.mp3 up to 3 MB)
  • iDidaPhoto (.jpg or .png up to 1 MB)
  • iDidaPodcast (.mp3 up to 3 MB)

Are there actor release forms and/or permission forms I can download to distribute to my students?

The iDidaContest upload engine has terms that must be checked and agreed to before media can be uploaded. It is the responsibility of the individual entering our contest to attain permission from a legal guardian (if they are a minor), and that the entry contains only original content (no copyrighted media).

Do I have to be present at ASTE to win?

No, you do not have to be present to win. If you have entered an iDidaContest then we will have your contact information and will be able to send any prize to you through the U.S. postal service insured, with delivery confirmation.

How do I address Alaska Content Standards?

When addressing the standards portion of the rubric what we are looking for is for you to explain in a few sentences or paragraphs how the standards were addressed in your project. You will find a text box to paste that information in when you go to upload your project. Projects without standards addressed will automatically loose those points.

Only Alaska students, teachers, and ASTE members are allowed to enter the iDidaContest.